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  • Immersive interaction
  • Online timely communication
  • VR experience
About the Exhibition Hall
CHINA BASE 3D virtual exhibition hall MetaBigBuyer realizes 720° all-round and three-dimensional presentation of product details. Aiming at the pain point that enterprises cannot participate overseas exhibitions, this virtual exhibition hall can break the space-time boundaries. Even if separated by thousands of miles, buyers can visit exhibition online, make a real-time communication and "immersive" to understand product details without leaving home. Relying on the Internet, MetaBigBuyer will greatly expand the breadth and depth of future business orders, provide customers with high-quality, high-experience all-weather new exhibition services on a global scale, and become a real "never ending digital virtual exhibition hall".
  • New track of digital marketing——"Metauniverse+Foreign Trade". Like online games, exhibitors can design and decorate the exhibition by themselves, break the limit of time and space , and immerse themselves in the virtual world that never ends.
  • In order to cooperate with the 132nd online Canton Fair, China-Base Huitong came up with the meta-universe virtual exhibition hall —— the Meta BigBuyer v1.0 which has been prepared for a long time!
  • The Meta BigBuyer virtual exhibition hall of meta universe was built by the team of China-Base Huitong visual design center. It is a multi-functional digital virtual space based on 3D engine and other technologies, with a high sense of connection and strong sharing.
Activity center
  • Personalized charactor
    You can upload a personal photo to edit your face,then matching face shape, clothing, hair style and clothing to creat a unique virtual charactor.
  • Apply for exhibition card
    You can register and log in our website, then fill in your identity information to get the virtual exhibition card and business card.The business card can be sent to the required exhibitors in the exhibition hall.
Product advantages
The MetaBigBuyer virtual exhibition hall has excellent film-quality rendering effects, lifelike animation, complete data conversion, strict data security and confidentiality. It's an infinitely scalable platform that brings you infinite possibilities, and allows your users to understand the principle, structure and function of the product at zero distance through 3D dynamic interactive display, breaking the two-dimensional confinement of online devices and realizing an immersive marketing experience.
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About us
MetaBigBuyer is an online virtual exhibition hall under the CHINA BASE. It is committed to creating all-weather new exhibition services with artificial intelligence and technological innovation.
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